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This is a business with a mission. exists to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We save business owners millions of dollars on their marketing. This is important work.

As a Team Member, you are part of a company with an even greater purpose: To share the love of Jesus Christ with children around the world in practical and meaningful ways. You are invited to get involved.


Be a part of
something bigger.

Operation Christmas Child needs volunteers in North Carolina, Illinois, California, Texas and Colorado.

We have adopted orphanages in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and we'd love to have more. Consider joining or starting an orphan ministry team. 

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Orphan Team FAQS

I live near one of the orphanages on the map. Can I join the team?

Absolutely! Get in touch with Katrina or Bob and let them know you’d like to join an existing orphan team. They’ll connect you with the team leader.

There is an orphanage near me here in the Philippines that I’d like to adopt. How do I get started? 

First, ask Katrina in Recruiting for other team members in your area who might be willing to join you on a team. An orphan team must be 3 or more people with at least 1 female (who can be the wife of a team member). Someone - preferably a female - should reach out to the orphanage. (We prefer small, under-resourced facilities, and we love orphanages that focus on kids with disabilities, but any orphanage is adoptable.) Explain that you work for a business that adopts orphanages across the Philippines, bringing birthday presents every month and meeting practical needs of the orphans and the orphanages. Ask if there is a time you could come by and meet with them. From there, communicate directly with Bob on next steps. 

What if I just want to visit an orphanage once? 

Think carefully before getting involved with our orphan ministry. These kids have been abandoned by their parents. They need adults they can depend on. Many of the kids have disabilities, often severe, which can make you feel uncomfortable at first. If you don’t think you’ll want to visit the orphans 8 to 12 times a year, please hang back. 

Can I contribute my own money to the orphan ministry? 

You cannot. Your time and travel expenses are reimbursed while you are working on the orphan ministry. does not allow the soliciting of donations in the workplace, and we take that to preclude us asking you for donations of your time and money. Your contribution is your willingness to get involved with our orphans. By doing your job well at, you are already financially enabling this ministry.

What is the purpose of the orphan ministry? 

These kids are probably not going to grow up to buy a website from us; we don’t have anything to gain. We hope the kids don’t come away from the experience grateful to, or happy that a generous American company comes and brings them stuff. That would be a waste. We want the kids to know that everything we do for them is from the love of Jesus Christ, who cares for them. Jesus promised, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). That’s our purpose. 

What are the orphanage visits like? 

It depends on the orphanage. Sometimes the social workers or nuns have the children sing you a song. The atmosphere is always festive, since you will have brought presents for the kids with birthdays, and loot bags for everyone else. Plus, you’ll bring birthday cakes and usually lunch. At Christmas, you’ll have lots of presents for each of the kids. You will also bring gifts for the leaders. Sometimes you’ll bring things they need at the orphanage, like fans with battery backups. The important thing is to make the visits an exciting time for the kids.

As an orphan team member, do I have to talk to the kids about Jesus? 

If you or someone on your team feels comfortable telling a Bible story, then please do. The social workers or nuns should be okay with this. If you feel comfortable praying with the kids, that’s great, too. If no one on your team feels qualified to lead a devotional or pray, that’s okay. You might think about recruiting someone to your team who is more comfortable doing these things. We hope you'll pray for your orphans, even if you don’t feel you can pray with them. 

I am an American team member. Can I travel to visit one of our orphanages in the Philippines?

We won’t say you can’t, but our founder has not visited for two reasons: First, these kids need stable relationships. A one-time visit doesn’t achieve this. Second, having a visitor from the States turns the ministry into a ‘rich American’ thing. We are doing this to glorify Jesus Christ, not the USA. Our orphan teams are 100% Filipino, and we don't want to take away from the relationships they are working hard to build with the kids.

I am an American team member. Can I find an orphanage here in the US for to adopt? 

Orphanages don't exist in the States anymore, which is what makes the Philippines such a special opportunity. There are 1.8 million orphans in the Philippines, yet in the whole country, only 200 kids are adopted every year. Another 4 million kids are left to raise themselves on the streets. In all, 1 in 6 Filipino kids is abandoned. We can't reach them all, but we will stay laser-focused on loving as many as we can. 

Team members can join a Bible study on the clock.

Team members are welcome to clock in and click the meeting link dropped every Tuesday before work on the "Bob's Announcements" thread. Our orphan ministry got its start as a service project of this Bible study, so it's a good place to get info on launching your own team. 

Not a video of our actual Bible study. :) wants to help you achieve financial freedom. 

Our team members make good money, but that doesn’t mean anything without a plan to save for the future. We would love for you to be debt-free, to have an emergency fund and to be growing a retirement nest egg. 

Financial Peace University has helped millions of people get out of debt and build wealth. If you and at least 2 colleagues are willing to commit to a 9-week course (2 hours per week), we will provide a facilitator to you at no cost. Reach out to Berns@, who has completed the program, if you are ready to take control of your financial future.

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