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You can tell a lot about from our online reviews. 

First, we have an unmatched track record.  


Our customers love us, and we have the reviews to back it up. Thousands of websites and countless client interactions have produced quite a track record.   We have over 1,000 reviews on Fiverr with a 4.9-star average. (Fiverr is a closed platform where only verified purchasers can leave reviews.) Google Review Partner sites Trustpilot and Sitejabber both have us high in the 4-stars with all-verified reviews. Between the three platforms, we believe we have the best reputation of any build-it-for-you website company, especially at our scale. Our staff strive every day for those reviews because they reflect a job well done.


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Second, we aren't perfect. 


We serve small business owners, the most demanding customers in the world. If you are reading this, you are probably a business owner yourself. You know what you're like when things aren't getting done to your standards. You demand the best from yourself and your staff, because your own customers aren't easy on you, either. When we mess something up - if we fail in our communications, our content creation or our technical support - you let us know loud and clear. Unfortunately, in the course of hundreds of client interactions and thousands of lines of content created every day, we do give our customers some things to complain about, for which we are humbled and apologetic. "We're not perfect" is not an excuse; it's a starting point. 

Third, we learn from our mistakes. 


When we do screw up, we are the first to own it. We take responsibility for our failures, we clean up our errors, and we learn from every mistake. It is in our bones to leverage every complaint as an opportunity to learn, to change, and to become a more perfect web design company. We know that if we push back against customer concerns and justify our shortcomings, we'll make no progress toward our goals. Excellence is found at the top of a pyramid of mistakes, so we cherish the building blocks - your feedback - which will take us there. We love all of our great reviews; they are a badge of honor for us and we draw huge encouragement from them. But it's the bad reviews that are more useful. 


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