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Where Leads Flow Without Paying for Clicks!

Introducing SmartClicks:
Guaranteed leads from Google Ads without paying for clicks! 

Using the power of Google Ads, we can guarantee you top-of-page ranking for your keywords/location without you paying for clicks. Traffic goes to your own website, where the leads go to you, and you alone. 


  • No paying for clicks!

  • No paying by the lead!


Your Guaranteed Path to Lead Generation With Google Ads

Last month, our clients scored hundreds of job orders from SmartClicks: 

  • Generated 56 leads for a pain management medical practice in Minnesota.

  • Scored 72 custom cake orders for a bakery in Central Florida.

  • Scheduled 42 consultations with high-quality prospects for a Law Firm in Orlando, Florida.

  • Generated 23 lucrative job orders for a Tree Service company in North Carolina. 

  • Received 89 leads for my own web design business. 


SmartClicks: The power of Google Adswith no per-click charges.

What does it cost? Email us for a custom quote right now. The best part is the guarantee: If you don’t get leads from your first month of SmartClicks, you get a 100% refund of the cost of your SmartClick campaign. Don’t pay by the click - your competitors could be clicking your ads. Don’t pay by the lead - companies sell the same leads to multiple businesses. For a flat monthly cost, you can be at the top of Google and get guaranteed leads without paying for clicks or leads. 

The SmartClicks Promise

At SmartClicks, our commitment to delivering results is unwavering, and that's why we emphasize the guarantee of leads above all else. You can rest assured that your investment will yield tangible results. Our proven track record and data-driven strategies ensure that every click translates into a lead, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed outcome. Trust SmartClicks to transform your Google Ads campaigns into a reliable source of high-quality leads, making your success a certainty.

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Budget-Friendly Lead Growth:
SmartClicks' Monthly Plans

Experience budget-friendly lead growth with SmartClicks' Monthly Plans. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in your marketing strategy, which is why our plans cover all click costs within a fixed monthly fee. This means you can focus on generating leads without worrying about unpredictable expenses. With SmartClicks, you'll get a predictable, budget-friendly solution for your lead generation needs, allowing you to maximize your ROI and drive consistent business growth.

There's No Other Service Like SmartClicks! 

Show up on the first page of Google or your money back!

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