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Why Your Business Cannot Afford to Ignore Google

Take a moment to consider how much of an internet juggernaut Google actually is: The company handles an estimated 3.8 million searches per minute, translating to over 2 trillion searches per year. They have a stranglehold on the global search engine market, comprising a staggering 91.43% of the market. The next closest competitor, Bing, can’t even be called a close second with only 3.3% of global searches. Google is so ubiquitous that even its company name has become a verb meaning “to search,” and if you have doubts about that we encourage you to google it real quick.

While there’s certainly a great deal of utility in social media campaigns and other internet marketing strategies, in the end, the health of your business online lives and dies with its Google ranking.

So what exactly is a Google ranking and how does it affect your website? In simple terms, your Google ranking is the position in which your website appears in Google search results. The closer it’s to the top of the very first page, the better your website’s performing. Google’s algorithm indexes, sorts, and presents websites based on several key factors including relevance to search keywords, quality of website content, and the usability of the website itself.

For example, if you were to search for “hair salon near me” you’ll be presented with the businesses that Google’s algorithm has determined are the most relevant, have the best content, and are the most functional. Now, if you change this search to “best hair salon near me”, you will get slightly different results as Google will index its search results differently to prioritize highest rated business websites that have content purporting to be “the best.”

Your Google ranking is everything. Though it may seem trivial to the layperson, first-page Google results account for a jaw-dropping 92% of all traffic clicks. Only 6% of websites appearing on the second page of Google search results will receive a click. Just 6%.

If you make a relevant search for your business on Google and your website doesn’t appear on the first page, your website is in trouble. This is where the team at comes to your rescue. Our crack team of professional web developers specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), creating streamlined sites rich with relevant, quality content that will push your business to the top of search results, resulting in increased traffic to your website, more leads, and more revenue.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can help you push your Google ranking to the next level!


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