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3 Ways Site Videos Improve SEO and Conversion

There’s an old joke among Internet marketers that the best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google search results and it’s not hard to understand the gallow's humor there. As we’ve noted before, your Google ranking is vital to the success of your business websites.

It might seem surprising to some that one of the most effective ways to improve your Google ranking and search engine optimization (SEO) is to have high-quality video content embedded in your business page. As Bill Gates famously wrote in 1996, “Content Is King.” Mr. Gates predicted over 25 years ago that the businesses that would thrive in the digital age would be those that prioritize quality, engaging content, and he’s been proven largely correct by the current shape of the Internet.

It just so happens that the contemporary definition of quality content is largely video media. In fact, it’s predicted that by the end of this year over 82% of all internet traffic will be video content. This information can be a bit confusing for the layperson, so let’s take a look at three ways through which site videos improve SEO and turn clicks into sales.

1. Google Loves Videos

As we’ve previously mentioned, Google search results are where successful online businesses are made. When you make a search on Google, it peruses the Internet, indexes, and presents results that its algorithm believes will be of the most interest to you. The methods through which the algorithm makes these decisions are varied and complex, but the most important factor for our purposes here is the quality of the websites in Google’s results. That’s to say, Google prioritizes presenting you with websites that its algorithm believes are the most relevant high-quality content.

Native video content is one of the key factors to Google’s determination of what constitutes a website with quality content. In fact, an estimated 62% of all of Google’s 5.6 billion daily searches return results with videos. Even if the video itself is not presented in the search results, websites that feature video content are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

Though the exact mechanisms through which the Google algorithm makes these determinations are kept as a proprietary secret by the company, looking at analytics and metrics from various websites does provide some insight. For example, visitors spend an average of 2-2.6 times longer on sites with video content than on those without, meaning that they are far more likely to further engage with the product or service offered by the site.

This heightened engagement from visitors brings us to our next section:

2. Sites with videos have lower bounce rates and more backlinks

Let’s define these terms real quick. The “bounce rate” of a site is the proportion of visitors who only visit one page and then leave the site versus the visitors who engage with it further by visiting other landing pages or completing a purchase. The more active engagement your site has, the better its bounce rate. The term “backlink” refers to external links to your website from other sites. A low bounce rate and a high incidence of backlinks indicate to Google a healthy and engaging website which gives a site a sizable boost in its Google rankings.

Visitors to a site with video content are more likely to further engage with the site, visiting other landing pages and signing up for services. This is likely due to the fact that video content lends credibility to businesses and helps visitors establish a more emotional connection with the service being offered.

Likewise, sites with video contact receive three times as many backlinks as sites that are lacking, further increasing the visibility of the business site in Google’s algorithm.

This is all well and good, but how do all of these things translate to more sales? Well…

3. Site Videos are Magic for Your Conversion Rate

In the world of SEO, when we talk about “conversions” we mean the rate at which site engagement leads to sales; the “conversion” of website clicks into revenue.

So how exactly do site videos translate into improved conversion rates?

As previously noted, videos bump up websites in Google’s algorithm due to their presence being an indication of quality content. Greater visibility on Google search results means more traffic to the website.

However, just getting eyes on a website isn't enough. This is the other distinct advantage of having site videos: Consumers really connect with them. It might surprise you to learn that 50% of potential customers search for videos of a product or service before even visiting the website or store. Studies and polls have demonstrated that well-edited videos that feature real human beings increase a potential customer’s confidence in purchasing a product. In fact, 52% of consumers report that they find videos helpful and help them decide to buy something and they are twice as likely to actually purchase the product after seeing a video.

Site video content is key to securing not only the attention of potential customers but also providing them with the confidence they need to complete the transaction.

Here at, we’ve found that the most effective method for helping our clients achieve their business goals is through an approach that is a confluence of cutting-edge SEO practices and providing the most high-quality content for their websites. If you’d like to learn more about the difference that the team can make in your SEO and content marketing, please do not hesitate to reach out today!


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