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Who's Answering Your Phone When You're on the Job?

There are a lot of different types of business owners out there. Maybe you’re the type who likes to run a lean crew, a trusted team that you know you can count on, and not much more. Perhaps you like to have all of your bases covered and delegate responsibilities across different departments. Maybe your whole business is just you, the dream team, “Me, myself, and I.”

Whatever your style of leadership might be, you’re going to come to the inevitable realization that you can’t be available at all hours to take calls. You’re just one person, and if you’re tied up when a client or potential client calls, that’s a problem.

Let’s take a look at some statistics about missed calls and then get to the solution.

Answering First Calls Is Vital

Studies have shown that 80 percent of customers will hang up when they are sent to voicemail when calling a business. That’s hundreds of missed leads every year simply because you needed to take care of other clients. You can hardly be blamed for providing your existing customers with great service, but these leads could spell big things for your business.

Unfortunately, all of these leads die on the vine instantly when calls go unanswered. In fact, recent surveys have shown that 85% of customers won’t call back if their first call goes unanswered. Customers resent not having their calls answered and assume that any messages they might leave would go unheard and unanswered.

The vast majority of leads immediately cease to lead the moment they hear that voicemail recording.

The Missed-Answered Call Ratio

If someone put a million dollars on the table right now and asked you what percentage of calls to your business you pick up, how confident are you that your answer would be accurate? A recent survey of home service professionals provided a fascinating case study of the significant gap between business owners’ perceived rate of answer and the actual rate of answer. The average estimate was 97% of calls being answered. However, analysis of phone data revealed that the real average answer rate was just 66%, over 30 points lower than the estimate!

Remember, the overwhelming majority of those missed calls are from customers who will never be back.

People Like Talking to People

Having a human voice attached to your business is paramount. While making a phone call almost seems quaint in the age of smartphones and the internet, people still regard talking to another person as the most effective way to get their questions answered. A recent article published in Consumer Reports showed that a whopping 75% of customers reported their single biggest complaint with a business was being unable to talk to a human on the phone.

Having a real, live human being on the other side of the phone line not only makes customers feel connected and validated but also gives them someone accountable for their inquiry. Where four out of five people will hang up when they get a voicemail, only 1% of callers will hang up on a live human being.

Not having a real person to answer all of your calls is a huge problem, but fortunately, there is a solution.

Hiring One (or More) of Our Remote Receptionists Is the Answer

When you hire a remote receptionist through our services, you are effectively doubling the size of your office and ensuring that no call will go unanswered.

If 80% of your potential customers are hanging up the phone when they get your voicemail, you may be able to get five times more customers by having one of our remote receptionists answer the phone for you.

For less than 8 bucks an hour, we can provide a full-time, dedicated receptionist who can answer your phones, follow up with your customers, and even use the phone to generate new leads for you. She can manage your calendar, send out emails, and screen out spam callers.

Your new receptionist speaks pitch-perfect English, has a sweet and friendly voice, and can handle any other administrative tasks you need to do. Best of all, she is your receptionist. She won’t be taking calls or doing work for anyone else. All her computer and phone equipment are provided, and she’ll cost you less than 8 bucks an hour - that’s around 300 dollars per week.

Don’t send potential customers to voicemail. Let a friendly, professional receptionist give your customers the warm welcome they deserve, and never miss a lead again!


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