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What if You Could Re-Capture 10% of Customers Who Didn't Buy From You?

Ten percent is a small number that can mean big things for your company’s revenue. Ten percent could mean expanding your business, upgrading your company infrastructure, or providing your employees with a well-deserved raise. However, as a business owner you probably already know that re-capturing even 10% of cold leads can seem like an almost herculean task. So how do you re-engage customers without sinking a preponderance of your precious time into the endeavor?

The answer is sales automation targeted at customer re-engagement. Our fully automated sales services take the time-suck out of turning dead-ends into revenue and let you focus on the things that require your attention. So how does it work?

1. Give us your cold contacts

The first step is to identify the potential customers who expressed interest in your product or service but did not respond when you first reached out to them. These are the people who inquired about pricing or information about the services you provide. Re-targeted customers are 70% more likely to become conversions than those who are not, so the incentive to re-engage is clear.

By identifying these people who have had a modicum of engagement with your company at some point, we will use our technology to bring them back into the fold. Sales automation will make up 40% of customer interactions by 2023, so this method is clearly an effective trend.

2. Let our automation platform re-engage them

We take care of all of this. We accomplish re-engagement through a combination of email and text messaging campaigns as we’ve found those to be the most effective way of putting your company in front of their eyes again. Customer win-back is achieved when we identify the product or service that interested them in the first place and engage them in a conversation about their questions. In this way, personalized content is the most effective way to win back cold leads, as communications with personalized content have 259% higher engagement than other types of marketing.

Texting and email provide an excellent opportunity to begin a conversation with potential customers as that provides an opening for converting engagement into sales. If that’s not enough, our call center is at your disposal to reach the most unresponsive prospects.

With a host of strategies, we will leave to stone unturned with absolutely no effort on your part. Simply provide us with the list of contacts and watch cold leads turn into conversions.

3. Once they respond, they are hot leads again.

A response to our sales automation means that you have a lead, and from there, sales are an inevitability. Anyone who has contacted your company is a potential customer, even if the initial engagement was fruitless on your end.

Sales automation is an invaluable resource for your business as it opens up a base of clientele that has already discovered you and knows who you are. The work of introduction and recognition has already been accomplished, so half of the work has already been done. All that remains is to remind them why they sought you out in the first place. Sales automation accomplishes re-engagement and funnels customers by reaching out to them on your behalf, turning a tedious process of customer outreach into a native part of the technological infrastructure of your business.

This process takes care of the most arduous aspects of lead generation and following, but lead conversion requires a human face on the back end of the process. These things can be difficult to navigate, but is here to help you along the way. From building a strong, organic website, to increase website traffic through best practices in SEO, all the way to turning leads into sales, our crack team is on your side. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time, and let’s grow your business together.


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