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Turn Your Online Ad Spending into New Customers

One of the most common mistakes that I’ve observed over the years is businesses implementing creative, well-researched, and tactical online ad campaigns only to do nothing with the leads that the campaigns generate. Why spend money on getting leads if you’re not going to turn the leads into customers?

The biggest waste of money in advertising is to turn on a Google Ads campaign (which always generates a ton of leads and phone calls) and then let the resulting calls go to voicemail and languish there. A missed call is a missed sale, and if you’re serious about scaling your business, this can’t happen.

Among my clients, I've got plumbers, roofers, and other contractors right now getting phone calls and lead every single day, but sometimes when I pick up the phone to touch base with the owner, I'm going to their voicemail. In one case, the voicemail is full! Why are they spending money on Google Ads if they ignore the calls and leads they generate?

Instead of letting a potential sale die in your inbox, hire a receptionist to handle the calls and leads. We can hire you as a great receptionist, you know! We’re talking about a receptionist who will never let a call ring continuously and will address callers with peerless professional courtesy and flawless English. What’s more, is how affordable it’s become through our virtual receptionist packages: It's only 8 bucks! Otherwise, 80% of your calls hang up and by the time you call back, your leads have already hired someone else. The only bad inquiry call is the one that goes unanswered, and I can help you make sure that never happens again.

And, once again, we’re talking eight bucks for a professional receptionist!

Paying for Google Ads can be a paradigm shift for your business, but that’s only if you’ve got the proper personnel in place to tackle the leads as they pour in. An advertising campaign is only as valuable as your ability to keep up with it, and without the right strategy and human resources, your Google Ads campaign is like a hog on ice scrambling to get nowhere fast.

How can we help?

So let’s talk about strategy and staff infrastructure. Off the top of my head, for your business I could:

1. Build a simple landing page to generate leads. We’re talking about keywords and Geofencing that target your client base with surgical precision.

2. Build and maintain a killer Google Ads campaign that pays for itself and then some. In fact, with a properly targeted campaign, we could be talking as much as an 8:1 ROI!

3. Hire a receptionist - which I can supply - to answer every call and schedule customer on your calendar. Not only does this keep your revenue flowing, but it also takes the burden of organization and time management off of your shoulders. This frees you up to focus on your passion for the actual operation of your business.

4. Have the receptionist call every email/text/chat lead we receive on your site to schedule them, too. The website that I design for you will create an effective sales funnel for your business and your receptionist will take care of the rest!

5. The receptionist will follow up by phone and text messages to leads that fall through the cracks. If you’ve ever followed up with cold leads, you know how frustrating it can be, so why not leave it in the hands of a professional who has the acumen to do exactly that? For eight bucks an hour!

Want to grow your business? That's how you do it. Easy peasy. When you're ready to make a positive investment in your business and bring it to scale in a way that you’ve only dreamed of, give me a call.


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