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Google Adwords vs Landing Pages

The average person might be surprised by the amount of strategizing that goes into our designs for getting your website in front of customers’ eyes on Google. From carefully-crafted content down to the number of characters in your website’s description, we’ve made search engine optimization a science.

One of the most effective strategies we’ve found is fortifying your website with targeted landing pages. In addition to your homepage, we create a few pages that are custom-built to rank for specific useful keywords in particular areas. By targeting customers not only in your exact location but also the surrounding areas, we can rank for specific search terms (“tree service,” “CPA,” “auto repair,” etc.) in more than just one city or town. Sometimes we build sites with up to 300 landing pages. Targeted pages always rank better than trying to get one homepage to rank for multiple search terms in multiple cities.

Landing pages are effective, especially given the prevalence of “near me” searches in recent years. What’s more, they’re actually quite inexpensive. In fact, once we build them, they cost nothing.

Pay-per-click (PPC), AKA Google Adwords, costs a lot of money. Without a budget of $2,500 per month or more for the campaign, Adwords isn’t even worth considering. That being said, if you have the means, the results of Google Adwords are huge and immediate.

In contrast, landing pages are more of a long game. Though they are the more budget-friendly option, they can take time to rank. Sometimes ranking can happen in a month or less, but more often it takes multiple months or even a year to get a landing page to rank for its target keywords. If your website has 100 landing pages, at best only half will ever rank on the first page of Google. That will take patience, but it will be rewarded.

On the other hand, with PPC you can be generating actual leads 30 days from when you start.

Case-in-point, one attorney we work with in Orlando, Florida, waited the standard 3 weeks for us to build their site, and exactly 7 days later, they signed their first new client off of the PPC campaign we built for him. It’s been about a month now, and as I write this, he has received 83 inquiries from the campaign. A half dozen have already signed on as clients. His ROI is through the roof.

It wasn't cheap though. This attorney is spending around $5,000 per month on his campaign. To put that in context, so far, his ROI is above 1,200%. Still, that's a lot to invest.

So which strategy is right for your business? Well, that’s going to depend on how aggressive you are.

If you’re a more cautious entrepreneur, and your designs for your business are to expand slowly and manageably, let us build you a clean mega site with a lot of landing pages. With this affordable and incremental model, we’ll get your site to start generating free leads from the various keywords and locations it targets. It’ll be slow-going for a while, but the ROI is massive if you have the patience for it.

If your intention is to grow aggressively, don’t just use PPC instead of landing pages. Use both. I built our attorney friend in Orlando a single webpage with hundreds of landing pages so that if you were to search for his services in central Florida, you are sure to find him organically on the first page of Google. At the same time, I built him two streamlined lead-funnel websites to receive traffic from his ad campaigns. The investment in the funnels is clearly paying dividends in the form of new clients, with no waiting. As the mega site begins to rank on the strength of the engagement with the landing pages and the free, organic leads start to come in, his overall cost-per-lead will begin to drop. But that piece will take time.

The strategy that works best for you is going to depend on what kind of business owner you are, and what your short- and medium-term goals are. Whichever route you choose, you will see real results; the question is how long you are willing to wait. If you have any questions about targeted landing pages, PPC campaigns, or which one is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our job is to make your website generate leads and no matter your business philosophy, we’ve got a solution for you.


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